ScaleReflex PowerFlex 3500 mAh Shorty Batteries

by admin on Jun 21, 2022 Categories: REVIEW/TECH/HOW-TO

June 20, 2022

ScaleReflex PowerFlex 3500 mAh Battery, D-Like Re-R w/ MultiLink, Acuvance Xarvis XX, Futaba 10PX ,

It’s no secret I am constantly using different products. The majority of the time I am testing products we are considering carrying at Super-G. Other times I am helping with product development or testing for the next review. The recent release of the ScaleReflex 3500 mah PowerFlex batteries has been one of the more long-term tests I have been working on.

Early last year a new battery appeared in my pit. The appearance left something to be desired, but I am always looking for a good battery. I will be the first to admit, I abuse my batteries. A typical session for me is to start out my day with 3 fully charged batteries. (I am always hopeful I will be able to get a lot of laps in) I charge all my batteries at 7.5a. The reality is I will get a few laps in, (5-10) before I’m called off to take care of something else. Maybe I will get more laps in, but usually not. Repeat this every single day we are open. If I do get a good session in, I run my electronics hard. I want to see if they will fail or if they are up to the task. Needless to say, I have many batteries that will stop holding a charge, go flat on the power, or puff up enough to make me feel uneasy. I have found a few brands I do like and that hold up to my abuse. Unfortunately often times they are not that easy to come by.

Same great cells, fresh new look. I approve!

After a good amount of testing, I found I really liked the feel of the ScaleReflex 3500s. They are 100c discharge rate with her means they provide a good amount of punch, but are not quite a fragile as the 130c batteries I have used in the past. I found the 130c batteries to not be up to the abuse I put them through across the board. The 100c gives me the performance I look for, but being more resistant to degrading or “puffing”. With all the testing I have put these batteries though, I have to say this is the perfect balance for what I look for.

It might just be me, but I really want the battery to maintain the colorway

If you are as superficial as I am, a key feature that really grabbed me on this latest batch is ScaleReflex has stepped it up on the appearance side of things. These are the same great cells I have been testing for over a year now, but with awesome, color-matched labels. ScaleReflex offers these PowerFlex 3500 mAh batteries in 5 different color variations to match your chassis colorway. They offer Purple, Green, Red, Blue, and White (Neutral). The colors are metallic and closely match the popular anodized colors of the most popular chassis of today. Personally I hate it when the battery ruins the color scheme of my chassis. These batteries answer all my complaints.

Some people, including myself, often times hate the ability to flip your batteries. I have seen people flip their battery and reverse their leads. ScaleReflex has supplied plugs to keep this from happening. Since I am always swapping chassis and electronics, I am often faced with wishing the leads were on opposite sides. Now this has been addressed as well. It really does cover it all for me.

Our last batch of 300 batteries only had 1 battery failure which is a pretty good run. We know nothing is perfect but we feel very comfortable to offer the new ScaleReflex 3500 mAh PowerFlex batteries. I had planned to weigh them before finishing this, but I forgot. Ugh! I believe they are some of the lightest batteries I have tested, but I hesitate to make that claim without hard numbers. If you are looking for some solid, light-weight, batteries, I would not hesitate for a moment to recommend these.

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