Super-G Raceway (Mini-Z 1/28)

Super-G Raceway
Mini-Z 1/28 TRACK & SHOP

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Depending on attendance, classes will be determined on race day. (Rules are below)

Super-G is located 15 minutes east of Los Angeles, Ca. We are deeply rooted in the R/C Drift Community, and recently have started down the path of Mini Z.
Initially we thought we had enough space since Mini Z is “mini” so we figured we definitely had enough space to make it happen. We purchased our first RCP Track Set and set up a track. Thanks to Brayden Capitano who printed up an awesome bridge for the timing loop for us, we were able to get started with a proper looking setup.
It became quickly apparent we needed more space. We kept making more and more space for our Mini Z track, but ultimately we had to move our shipping operations to another location to make space for our track.
We are finally ready to get some racing underway. This coming Saturday will be our first test run. We are going to be learning and figuring out a lot, so if you are looking for a top-tier presentation, this is not the day. However, if you want to come out and help us get started, let’s do this!!! I’m sure some patience will be in order.
Hope to see you all there!


General Chassis Rules
(Unless Noted Otherwise):

  • Gyro / Receiver with built-in Gyro NOT allowed
  • Additional battery for transponder ALLOWED
  • Homemade, Prototype Parts, and 3D Printed Parts NOT allowed (3D Printed Transponder Holder, Body Side Mounts, ESC Top Cover, ALLOWED)
  • Body modification for wheels / tires clearance ALLOWED
  • All wheels / rims MUST be original design made for Mini-Z RACER.
  • All brand Plastic and Aluminum Mini-Z production wheels / rims are ALLOWED
  • Wheel Modification, 3D Printed Wheels, Slot-Car Design Wheels, NOT allowed
  • Any brand RUBBER tire for Mini Z ALLOWED
  • Homemade tires, Foam tires, Silicon tires, Urethane tires, Ethyl Carbamate tires NOT allowed
  • Cleaning tires with 70% Alcohol Solution ALLOWED
  • Traction Compound NOT allowed on tires or / or race surface
  • Tire Insert NOT allowed
  • Tire Warmers ALLOWED

Beginner Box Stock Class

Chassis: Kyosho MR03S, MR03S2 and MR03 RWD.Motor: Kyosho MZ9P and MZ9E Motor from RTR
Allow change the motor wire and remove the safety switch.

Kyosho or PN plastic wheels,
Front 8.5mm x 20mm / Rear 11mm x 20mm
offset must fit inside of the body.Electronic & Transmitter: Kyosho original from RTR, NO any modification.Gear Ratio: Fixed 9T Pinion with Stock Gear Diff.
Pinion - Kyosho or PN 400329 MR2709 only.

90mm to 102mmBody: Kyosho original AutoScale body, white body, Jomurema GT01 body and TRP Scale body. All parts must be original from that body
Limited wheel clearance modification allowed.

Batteries: Kyosho Speed House 800HV, Peak Racing 900HV, TRP747, TRP900, PN HP750, PN HP900, Silver Horse 800, AAA NiMH 4pcs only

Option Parts: 
Kyosho or PN Ball Bearing, Wheel nut, T-Plate

It must be run in stock configuration. 


2WD Stock Class

Chassis: Kyosho Mini-Z Racer MR01, MR015, MR02, MR03, MRC MR01 PNR2.5W 90mm-98mm wheel base only.

Body: Hardbody ONLY, LeMans Body NOT allowed
Full windshield and window must be installed, except for clearance,
Lexan window and Lexan Roof allowed.

Motor: Brushless Sensorless V4 3500kv #164435, all motor comes with standard 14.5 rotor

Fixed Gear ratio: 64 Pitch 16 Pinion (#416416WC Blue, #426416WC Blue, #MR2716WC Blue), 53T Spur Gear (#MR2953WC Yellow or #MR2055-T53WC Yellow) ONLY.

ESC: Kyosho ASF VE VE Pro MR03S RWD, EVO, PN 16A ESC (#500807 and #500807A).

Battery: Cars must be powered by four AAA batteries. Alkaline, Ni-MH or Ni-Cd batteries may be used. (Lithium Polymer or Other NOT allowed)
Additional battery for transponder allowed.

Option Parts: Any aftermarket brand Mini-Z production parts allowedWheel: Maximum front 8.5mm x 20mm / Rear 11mm x 20mmMinimum Weight: Car Complete (Everything) 160g.


2WD Super Stock Class (2500kv)

Chassis: GT Body 90mm-98mm wheel base ONLY
LM Body 102mm wheel base ONLY

Body: Hardbody ONLY, Full windshield and window must be installed, except for clearance. Lexan window and Lexan Roof ALLOWED

Motor: Brushless Sensored 2500kv w/ 14.5 rotor.Grearing: Fixed Gear ratio 64 Pitch 14 Pinion (#416414WC or #426414WC Red or MR2714WC Brown) / 53T, Spur Gear (#MR2953WC Yellow or #MR2055-T53WC Yellow) ONLY.

OPEN any Sensored or Sensorless ESC.Battery: 2S Li-Po battery, maximum 8.45V.Option Parts: Any brand aftermarket Mini-Z production parts allowed.Wheel: Maximum wheel Front 8.5mm x 20mm / Rear 11mm x 20mmMinimum Weight: Car Complete (Everything) 160g.

2WD Modified Class (3500kv)

Chassis: 94mm-98mm Wheel Base ONLY, No weight limit.

Body: Lexan (Non Pan Car), All carbon front bumpers must have a 2mm gap or cushion at the leading edge of the carbon bumper.

Motor: Open any Mini-Z size motor 130 Brushed or 1626 Brushless, Sensored or Sensorless.ESC: Open any ESC Sensored or Sensorless.Battery: 2S Li-Po battery.Option Parts: Any brand aftermarket Mini-Z production parts allowed.Wheel: Maximum wheel Front 11mm x 21mm / Rear 14mm x 21mmMinimum Weight: No Weight Limit