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We are located just 15 mins east of downtown LA off the 10 Freeway
(where the 605fwy and 10fwy meet) right next to the original In-N-Out

Super-G R/C Drift Arena
1376 Maine Ave Unit B
Baldwin Park, CA 91706

email:        supergdrift@gmail.com


Due to the overwhelming number of voice calls we receive each day NOT related to order and shipping fulfillment, we cannot answer voice calls and still get your shipments to you in a timely manner.

We have found email is the best and most efficient method to conduct business in our current situation. Our email is constantly monitored, and responded to throughout the day (6 days a week or more), including technical support and advice.

As much as we would love to have a technical support voice line, we do not have the man power to have a dedicated, full time technical support advisor on staff. Everyone here at Super-G has multiple tasks and responsibilities which are necessary to keep things moving. Contrary to popular belief, we are not here drifting all day. Many of us go weeks or months without being able to even get on the track.

We understand without actually seeing it first hand, it is difficult to fully understand exactly why this decision had to be made. Please understand, we receive calls from all over the world, and from people at various stages in the hobby. One call can last upward of 1-2 hours, depending on the disposition of the person on the other end of the call. Many want help trouble-shooting products we have never heard of, or a reason why their car doesn’t work, when we have no idea what type of car they are even speaking of, and neither do they. The list goes on.

We hope you can understand, as we are always striving to provide the best service we can. This is one limitation we regrettably cannot easily overcome.

Super-G Staff

Super-G is a dedicated R/C DRIFT SHOP & TRACK
Online Store and Blog

We also have an impressive inventory of bodies, accessories and wheels. Each has been selected due to being drift related. Everything from exhaust tips, spoilers, light buckets, led kits, engine bays, inner fenders, flares,roll bar kits, carbon fiber chassis decks, tools and much more.

Our electronics section has radio kits, servos, brushless motor combos as well as lipo batteries and chargers.

If you are looking for a part, let us know! We would be glad to help locate it. We import many rare items from overseas!

Come by, ask us questions, make sure you know as much as you can before you jump on to this hobby.


We have a beginner's guide as well as a configurator to help you through the step by step process of piecing together a car.

Return Policy:
Return authorization is required on all returns. To initiate a return authorization, please email us: supergdrift@gmail.com

We will accept merchandise with an authorized RA# that was purchased from us within 15 days of receipt.

The merchandise must be in new and unused condition and in its original packaging.
Mounting any electronics or installing radio parts in a rc or model or discarding the packing material and products with physical damage are a few examples of what constitutes used merchandise.

We are unable to reimburse for return shipping costs.

Electronics are ALL final sale. All defective claims are to be done through the manufacturer. Due to the nature of these components are used, we are not allowed to process claims, manufacturers want to deal with the consumer so they can better solve the problem.

Defective/non-fitting items
We will provide a full refund or exchange for any items that are defective or do not fit (unless the wrong item was ordered for the car). We can only honor exchanges when we receive the item(s) back within 15 days. Items that do not fit because of an issue caused by a specific aftermarket item will be subject to restocking fees if they are returned.

The manufacturers we distribute for develop products of the highest craftsmanship and quality in the R/C industry. Occasionally, however, a defect may pass through the manufacturer's quality control system. All products purchased through Super-G have a manufacturer’s warranty protecting the buyer against defects. Warranty length and terms may vary by manufacturer. If your product appears to be defective, the manufacturer requires that you contact them directly for technical and warranty assistance. A retailer such as Super-g cannot make warranty rulings or determine if your warranty claim is valid. Crash damage and damage incurred due to misuse, accidental or otherwise, is not covered under any warranty. If you cannot locate the manufacturer’s contact information within the product’s documentation, please feel free to contact Super-G and we will provide this information.

Due to shipping regulations, fuel cases, Lithium Ion (LiIon), Lithium Polymer (LiPo) and Lead Acid (Pb) batteries may not be returned to us. You will need to contact the manufacturer for any warranty and defect claims.

There is a 20% restocking fee. Item(s) need to be shipped to our warehouse at the customer’s expense before we can process the refund. If one or more criteria are not meant, we cannot accept the refund.
-New condition, Original Packaging, and 15 Days Time Frame

Limits of Responsibility
We accept no responsibility for crash damage and/or loss of kits, motors, accessories, etc. incurred during operation of a radio-controlled model. In most cases it is very difficult or impossible to determine whether crash damage was actually due to radio equipment failure or to operator error. Super-G cannot be held responsible for any purchased components that are incorporated into radio systems or problems caused by incompatibility between radio components, parts, and repairs not completed by our service center, etc.

It is impossible to guarantee product compatibility for product recommendations. We provide information and suggestions to the best of our abilities based on the information available to us at the time. We are unable to guarantee successful outcomes.

We are not responsible for incidental damages caused by defective products.
Super-G  reserves the right to cancel or refuse orders at its discretion. We reserve the right to limit quantities and discounts. Also, please note that most items we offer are intended for use in the USA. International radio frequency and electric current requirements are the responsibility of the buyer. Super-G cannot provide CE certification documentation.


If your package was damaged in transit, please take photos immediately and contact Super-G. Damages and evidence of tampering on the outer packaging must be noted on the delivery receipt of the driver. DAMAGES MUST BE REPORTED WITHIN 48 HOURS of receiving the order. No exceptions. WRONG ITEMS MUST BE REPORTED WITHIN 5 BUSINESS DAYS of receiving the order. No exceptions. Please keep all packaging (box, packing paper, etc.) for verification purposes. We will most likely request that the damaged product(s) be shipped back to us for verification. Super-G will also require that photos be taken of damaged packages and or parts for inspection purposes. Photos of damaged goods will help us expedite the process and provide a better resolution.