Acuvance RAD - The Latest ESC

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July 7, 2022

It’s no secret that Acuvance make some of the most sought after electronics for the R/C Drift community. Their claim to fame is producing some of the most silky feeling ESCs and Motors, along with some of the most innovative electronics accessories. Recently, Acuvance has teamed up with Futaba and with the use of the S.Bus Adapter, you are now capable of programming your ESC directly from your Futaba remote. The Acuvance Xarvis and Xarvis XX have quickly become the standard when it comes to ESCs in many R/C Drift circles. Acuvance is a company which is always evolving and innovating, so we are never surprised when they drop a new and exciting product.

Acuvance RAD - A functional and fresh new design.

Enter the Acuvance RAD!
The new Acuvance RAD has just been introduced and I have been lucky enough to have had my hands on the first one in the US. Today, the production model has made it my way, so I can post some pics of the newest latest.

For this latest release, Acuvance is using a new FET which should deliver their extremely smooth power delivery, with a desired, increased torque output. In addition, Acuvance has implemented their Reverse Polarity Protection, as proven on the Xarvis XX. A feature which has saved many from heartbreak during those rare, careless moments.

New markings on the case levels up on the aesthetic side of things

The Appearance
The new case design is a step from their previous designs. I have always appreciated the no nonsense approach to the Acuvance design, but this time around they have gone a little more fancy with a Pyramid shaped top surface. With it looking trick, there is also function to go along with the new design. With the pyramid shaped heatsink, it not only provides more surface area, but a smoother airflow to evacuate the heated air. I personally like the look, regardless of any physical benefit.

The RAD comes equipped with Acuvance’s most recent programing technology, including Torque Level and Torque Endpoint settings, the ability to program via S.Bus (From Futaba Remote), Telemetry Communication (Transmit sensor readings to remote), as well as all the normal Acuvance settings you have become accustomed to.

Ports just like the RAD’s little bro, Xarvis. Sensor, Receiver, S.Bus (not shown), and a Single Fan Port.

So where does the new RAD fall in the Acuvance lineup? It finds a comfortable spot right between the Xarvis and the Xarvis XX when it comes to features.

When compared to the Xarvis XX
the RAD does everything, minus the B.E.C. option of going to 7.4v. The RAD comes equipped with only 1 fan port vs. the 2 found on the Xarvis XX.

When compared to the Xarvis,
the RAD does everything, with the addition of Torque Level and Torque Endpoint, as well as Reverse Polarity Protection.

All this, with the new FET technology which should provide a better torquey and smooth feel.

New style heatsink. More cooling area and better airflow.

Initial Thoughts
I tend to like a good amount of time when testing any type of electronics. This is only a first look, and I must say I am impressed. Being a huge Acuvance fan for the past 6 or so years, the new RAD seems to possess the same Acuvance quality I have come to expect, with an extremely smooth power delivery. Smoother than my Xarvis XXs? Hm. There is a different feel there, but I’m not sure if it’s smoother, or something else I am feeling. Added torque maybe? What I do know is it wanted a little different throttle input, and it felt really good. Granted I only ran for about 30 minutes, but it was on a very familiar chassis on a very familiar track. There is a very high probability this will be my goto ESC, but further testing is needed to confirm my feeling on this. Overall, Acuvance definitely has another winner on their hands.


Grab yours today! They're arriving end of July 2022: