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RawFew BBQ and Game Day

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November 16, 2019
Leading up to this weekend has been hectic for Joe and myself, as we are doing some serious remodeling here at Super-G. We are in the process of adding a lot more retail space for our store, and at the same time increasing our permanent pit space. The Team RawFew had approached us with a plan to host a BBQ and have a few tests of skill. The idea was to have a fun session with some fun games. Nothing serious going on.

The menu for the day was burgers, dogs, and hot links! Manny took on the grilling tasks. I don’t think I saw him leave the grill the entire time. He really killed it as the grill master.

Gettin it on! Busted out the Recking Kru Team Bodies.
Mark Santa Cruz and myself getting some Team Tandem slides on.

The session was really good and the vibe was very relaxed. Just some good food and friends sliding together. There seemed to be a lot of team tandem practicing going on, which was really good to see. I think 2020 should be the year we start to see some serious team tandem comps going on.

After everyone was done eating, Nick jumped on the mic and got the games going. Nobody was quite sure what they had in store, but you know how it is, everyone was down to give it a shot. The first round was a drift gate type of contest. They had set up a movable cone and gave everyone about 1.25 car length space to drift through. As long as you were drifting it and didn’t knock down the cone you were good. How fun was it? I wanted to go a few more rounds! Everyone lined up and took a shot at it. If you made it you got back in line to try the smaller gap. We finally got down to 3 people going through an opening less than a car length. While holding a high speed shallow drift, Alan Benites showed us all what it’s about and took the win!

Drift Park - Aydin won with less room than this!

Next up was the Drift Park. The objective was to drift into the parking spot between 2 cars while not going past them. After every round the cars were moved closer and closer. It finally came down to 2 people, Sam and Aydin Angulo! It was a father and son battle. Aydin squeezed in perfectly with less than half an inch at the front and back of the car!!! Sam almost had it as well, but tapped at the last moment. Aydin Angulo took the win!

The Winners of the Games - Alan Benites (Drift Gate), Aydin Angulo (Drift Park)
Scale Reflex Light Kits to the winners!

After the games, it was mentioned to me by more than a few that they wanted more of this type of event. I have to agree. We knew going into it that it would be fun, but I don’t think anyone really expected the level of fun that it really was. Not a single complaint, nobody getting bent, just good fun with the family.

I’m sure The RawFew will be going another soon. Trust me, when they do, you definitely do not want to miss it!
Thanks to the RawFew Members - Nick Lepisto, Mark Santa Cruz, Jason Fordyce, and Manny Campalans for making this happen. It was a great success and more importantly, a ton of fun! Looking forward to the next one!