Norcal Visits (FatlaceRC x Limited Traction) 2/3~2/4 [Coverage PT1]

by admin on Feb 06, 2017 Categories: EVENTS

  (Ryhno's Car Transport is just ridiculous)

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Its always a treat to have some Norcal family come by. It was nothing but talent and tandems. More photos coming soon! Just wanted to post up some of the photos for now!
They came by Friday night as well as Saturday. We have a lot of videos and photos to go through.

Tandems all night long, we even fired up the BBQ Saturday night as the night started to get more chilly. It was truly an amazing event with some good people. We have more media coming in PART II.
We will be going up north in just a couple weeks (2/18). Can't wait to slide again!