New Release information (December 13, 2017)

YOKOMO will release the new RWD car chassis kit YD-2SX in the end of December.

This new YD-2SX is the chassis kit which has carbon chassis with high motor mount, but with full of optional parts which include new designed one.
So this is the high end competition machine at YD-2S family.

The new motor mount is with 7 rotate point adjustable for very precise set up for the weight balance, and aluminum suspension mount is the push insertion
type for the perfect suspension alignment. Chassis role will also possible to adjust in adapting aluminum front bulkhead for the carbon made main chassis.

The most remarkable feature on this car kit is new designed aluminum Steering Bell Crunk. This particular parts capable for adjusting for the various 

Tread and Ackerman for the various type of driving style and track surface type as well. The bearings at steering wiper and center link are the press fit type
to reduce the plays in order to achieve the racing style steering feels for RWD drifting.

The gear differential drive cup are the aluminum made, and bone with plastic protector for sharpen response and rigid feels.
YD-2SX is the ultimate competition machine which has finished with the sharpen parts for the suspension, steering and drive train

Product name : YD-2SX Chassis kit
Product code : DP-YD2SX