High Traction (HARD) Spring Spacer Pads for SHOCKS [RC926] KN-HT03

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■ "High Traction Sheet [Hard] Clear" is now on sale, where you can experience traction up just by putting it on or under the damper spring! !!
■ You can easily experience traction up just by assembling it on or under the spring of the damper. The popular "High Traction Sheet [Medium] Black", "High Traction Sheet [Soft] Translucent" and "High" Traction sheet [Hard] Clear ”is now on sale in an additional lineup!
■ The effect of the high traction sheet is to improve the feeling of ground contact! It will stop well! You won't be swept away! It feels like a rubber tire! I feel that the rolling resistance of the tires is reduced! You will be able to hold the throttle more than ever! There are various ways to feel it.
■ Why do you feel that traction goes up? By assembling this high traction seat, you can feel the load applied to the spring of the damper and convert the force to the road surface. Recently, I've been building resin slippery tires on low mu roads, but I think I'm training every day to feed the tires, but this is the solution!
■ [Soft] of the high traction sheet makes use of its soft characteristics to improve the running performance of the gap, smooth turning and a sticky feel. [Medium] is an intermediate characteristic between soft and hard, and is an all-round characteristic. [Hard] makes use of its hard characteristics to improve the kicking feeling with repulsive force and to improve the linear feeling. This is a rough explanation, but I hope you can refer to it.
■ It can be installed if it is compatible with each company's damper, spring with an inner diameter of 14 mm, and spring cup with a spring inner diameter of 14 mm. It can be attached to Yokomo's big bore damper for YD-2 / 4, Tamiya's TRF damper, overdose's damper, TOPLINE, etc.
* For overdose spring cups, the outer diameter is a little small, so install it so that the high traction seat does not stick out. Alternatively, it is recommended to use the Aluminum Spring Seat Type-2 for Hybrid & Helper Drift Spring.
* When installing, the height of the high traction seat is 1 mm, so the vehicle height will increase by the thickness of the seat. Please adjust the preload of the damper or readjust the vehicle height with the down type spring cup before driving.
■ Product details
・ High traction sheet [Hard] Clear x 4 pieces

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