SHARK FINAL FORM – Factory Assembled Chassis Kit IFS 1/10 Premium RWD Drift Car – RED PURPLE BLACK [Rhino Racing] RR-2000

1 x RR-1600 – SHARK Rear H Arm Adapter Set
1 x RR-1500  – SHARK Rear Upright Set
1 x RR-1400 – SHARK Adjustable Front Knuckle Set
1 x RR-1300 – SHARK Suspension Mount Kit
2 x RR-1200 – SHARK Ball Bearing Upper Arms Set
2 x RR-1100 – SHARK Ball Bearing Lower Arms Set
1 x RR-1000 – SHARK Hydra IFS Cantilever Suspension Kit
1 x RR-820 – SHARK Gear Box (With Upper Deck And Shock Tower)
1 x RR-800 – SHARK Adjustable Chassis Kit
1 x RR-750 – DDSS – SHARK Bulkhead Steering Kit
1 x RR-600 – C-LSD Aluminum Active Differential
1 x RR-202 – Stainless Steel CVD Kit 49mm
1 x RR – 8mm Hex Hub Set
1 x RR – 5mm Hex Hub Set
MISC INCLUDED ITEMS: Suspension Pins, Suspension Pin Ball Ends, Suspension Mount Bushing Inserts, Idler Gears, Gear Box Bearings, Spur, Pinion, Titanium Ball Studs, Ball Cups and more.

*This chassis does not include shocks, you will need to source your own. This is only a chassis kit, it does not include any electronics, rims or body. You will need those items to complete the car.