N Model Ver III 5 Spoke Concave Wheels TITANIUM SILVER 6mm / 8MM [Topline RC] TDW-062TS TDW-082TS

[N model wheel ver.3]  (1) Compatible with 27mm width and 3mm hubs (2) Inside tapered rim for sharper corners (3) “W-traction structure” achieves both “bendability” and “rigidity” ]

Comes in packs of 2 rims. *You’ll need to order 2 packs for a full set

This is the latest version of the infamous N Model wheels. Featuring a deeper concave face, shaved/smooth inner lip edge(for better lock without rubbing). These faces are also reinforced with webbing for a much more durable wheel compared to it’s earliest versions.

These rims provide premium clearance for brake kits. These rims provide an upgraded traction by the flexibility/deflection of stress in rim design.

Available in different offsets. Comes in PACKS OF 2! PLEASE ORDER 2 PACKS IF YOU WANT A SET OF 4.