Mini-Z PNR3.0 Formula One Chassis Conversion Kit [PN Racing] 900300CF1

114mm wheelbase

 The requirement to finish the chassis

1x PN Racing Double A-arm system or 900300D Front End Kit

2x 1S Lipo Batteries (PN# 7200380 or 722385)

1x 2S MOLEX Male Plug Harness Set (PN# 700255)

1x Micro servo (PN# 500834A)

1x 98mm Motor Mount (MR3300K or MR2395)

1x Micro Receiver

1x Micro ESC (PN# 500830 Anima V3 Bluetooth 30A Micro Sensored Brushless ESC)

1 x Damper System (PN#MR2061)

1 x Gear Diff (PN#MR2055PC or Ball Diff PN#MR2049)

2 x 11x19mm 11x20mm R0 Offset wheel (PN#MR2088R0, MR2088R0-19)

2 x 14x19mm 14x20mm R14 Wheel (PN#MR2088R14, MR2088R14-19)

*Note: Please use Hex hardware for our plastic parts as our material is very strong.