Single Exhaust Tip Exhaust Muffler Black Canister [D’Magic] DM1-300S

It is a new product of D’magic original accessory parts.
The current car, as well as the old one, were designed with top priority.
It is finished with attention to detail such as the iron plate folding part of Tyco and the burnt color at the muffler exit.

■ Product description ■

This product is a detail improvement part for 1/10 radio controlled cars.
It was developed for the purpose of improving the detail of the drift body.
We offer mufflers of various specifications depending on the vehicle on which they are installed.
Realistic product made by combining resin and stainless steel pipe.

Muffler body (Tyco part): Urethane resin
muffler outlet (end pipe part): Stainless steel
Mounting stay: Aluminum

■ Mounting method ■

Bending the muffler mounting stay according to the shape on the back side of the body.
After confirming the position of the muffler, fix it on the back side of the body with the double-sided tape attached to the mounting stay.

  • Depending on the body shape, some parts may need to be processed.

The product is a sports muffler kit