■ Product Description ■

This product is a 1/10 Yokomo Wangan type spoiler for 180SX STver.
The main body is a resin molded type that eliminates the hassle of cutting, making it easy to use.
Due to the nature of urethane resin molded products, slight pinholes may occur.
If necessary, perform surface treatment using a surfacer, etc.
Regarding painting, we recommend using model lacquer paint.
When painting with polycarbonate color, applying a clear coat will give a more beautiful finish.

Spoiler body: Made of urethane resin

*Although it is designed with strength in mind, please avoid bending the body strongly or subjecting it to large impacts.

Installation is done by fixing to the trunk (rear) part of the body with double-sided tape.
Using thin double-sided tape will give you a more beautiful finish.

*There are quality differences depending on the characteristics of the material, so light fitting work may be required. *
For fine adjustment of the spoiler body, please apply light heat using a hair dryer etc. to match the radius of the body body.

Due to manufacturing reasons, there may be some black resin mixed into the product, but this
does not affect the strength of the product itself or the painting process, so please forgive us.