Super-G History

Super-G - Time Line Super-G History Here's a recap of the many milestones for Super-G RC Drift Arena in 2014. Some dates may be plus or minus a day or two since in the beginning we did not know if it would amount to anything past our parking lot sessions. We wish we could make things happen faster, but since we are doing this in addition to the full scale car side, we can only move so fast. We are planning to see a lot more growth in 2015. Early April 2014 Began Friday Night Drift Sessions in our parking lot Mid April 2014 Began Saturday Afternoon Drift Sessions in our parking lot Late May 2014 Randy /Speed Junkies approached Project-G Speed Junkies was need of a parking lot to use Project-G stops all Parking Lot Drift Sessions Speed Junkies Saturday Drift Sessions begin Early June 2014 Begin planning outdoor asphalt track June 28, 2014 Driftnutz Streetstyle Comp Hosted indoor in our previous unit before moving July 19, 2014 Speed Junkies Road to Socal's Drift King Comp Hosted inside Project-G Shop August 16, 2014 Cleared back lot and began prepping for new Outdoor Drift Track August 19, 2014 Sealed Back Lot for new Outdoor Drift Track August 23, 2014 Speed Junkies Road to Socal's Drift King Comp September 4, 2014 Finalized layout for new Outdoor Drift Track Began construction on rails, props, etc. October 4, 2014 Team Tetsujin Tours the States with Speed Junkies Speed Junkies Road to Socal's Drift King Comp Hosted on Project-G's new RC Drift Track - Super-G RC Drift Arena October 5, 2014 Official Public Opening of Super-G RC Drift Arena Speed Junkies Drift Lyfe Team Rajiten Tengu Drift Club Drift Til Failure Team Tetsujin All attended *Huge thanks to Randy for a fantastic job hosting! October 7, 2014 Team Saiko from Hawaii visits Super-G RC Drift Arena October 9, 2014 Minoru - Yokomo Arisa - Vertex Japan Adoru - Yokomo/Vertex Japan Vertex RC USA Visit Super-G RC Drift Arena November 28, 2014 Start to clear upstairs storage area in shop in anticipation of indoor track December 1, 2014 Demolition of 2 interior offices to make space for indoor track December 5, 2014 Moved showroom to our other unit Removed glue left from the carpet in the offices Removed all fasteners from concrete left from offices December 6, 2014 Randy and Katsumi join us for a semi-private session to set up test track to confirm surface will be acceptable We were uncertain if polishing was going to be necessary Brainstorm on possible layouts utilizing soon to be freed up space December 7, 2014 Moved vehicle lift to our other unit Lay out boundaries for area to be utilized for track Testing different track configurations begins December 11, 2014 Filled big hole in the middle of the track area with 500 lbs of concrete Patched large voids in the track surface December 15, 2014 Demolished permanent storage rack in track area Tear down large rack in track area and move to our other unit Move inventory to our other unit December 23, 2014 Finalized indoor layout after finally gaining our last bit of floor space (Approximately 7-8 layouts explored) Opened indoor track for final testing and feedback *Huge thanks to Katsumi for working on the different track configurations December 31, 2014 Decision made on final indoor track layout Construction begins on indoor track Janaury 2015 (Start of year) Fiinalize inside track

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