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February 7, 2022

It’s time to announce the upcoming 2022 Super Drift Championship Series! With the huge success of the 2021 series, we are proud to bring another season of the SDC Series. The sponsors are already gearing up and 2022 promises to be another great year.

Super-G will be awarding the winner of each region, lodging for the Super Drift Championship 2022 Finals here in Los Angeles on October 7, 8, and 9, 2022 to battle the best of the best in the U.S. We have plans to make this years finals even better than the last!

This season will definitely be one not to be missed! The 2021 U.S. R/C Drift King - Austin Gregorio (Super-G) will be defending his title, along with Alfredo Chan III (Team RAZR / Tech 1 Drift) who was the Regional Champion for SoCal and Las Vegas, and is ranked 2nd in the U.S. Both of these guys mean business. There has been a lot of talk, but we all know it’s all about what goes down at the Finals in October!

There have been some changes to the rules for this season. Most notable, the allowing of contact between the cars. This is not a pass to become sloppy or overly aggressive, but more so to allow some wiggle room to get the closest tandems possible. The focus is still on precision drifting, but we are attempting to do away with eliminations due to minute miscalculations.

There are 3 ways to qualify for the Finals:

  1. Regional Champion - (Super-G will provide lodging for the Finals)
  2. Podium Finish during the 2022 Series
  3. Participate in a minimum of 50% of your regionals

Anyone who wishes to compete in the Finals in October and does not have a regional within 250 miles of where they live, you can contact me ( and make arrangements to compete.

International Competitors are welcome to enter the Finals in October

Points will be awarded as follows:
15 pts - First Place
12 pts - Second Place
10 pts - Third Place
9 pts - Forth Place
8 pts - Fifth Place

Please note:
Each competitor may only accumulate points in one region. There are no rules regarding competing in more than one region, but points may only apply to a single regional series. Your chosen region will be the first region you compete in, unless Super-G is notified of your intentions in writing, prior to your first competition.

If there is a track or club you feel should be included to host the regional competitions, please reach out to them and let them know you are interested, or you can contact us directly and we can try to set something up in your area.

My direct email -

The U.S. Super Drift Championship Finals will be held on October 7, 8, and 9, 2022 with a meet and greet session on Thursday, October 6. Super-G will be open Tuesday, October 4th and 5th for practice and tuning.


Super-G R/C Drift Arena

Round 1 - June 25
Round 2 - July 16
Round 3 - August 20
Round 4 - September 10 (Regional Finals)

Limted Traction

Round 1 - March 19
Round 2 - April 30
Round 3 - May 28
Round 4 - June 18
Round 5 - July 30
Round 6 - August 27 (Regional Finals)

Team BubbleMilk

Round 1 - March 19
Round 2 - April 16
Round 3 - August 20
Round 4 - September 17

Dori Lounge

Round 1 - February 25
Round 2 - April 29
Round 3 - June 24
Round 4 - August 26

Las Vegas
Slidelines R/C

Round 1 - April 23
Round 2 - June 18
Round 3 - August 13
Round 4 - September 10

Pacific North West
R/C Fight Club

Round 1 - April 23
Round 2 - May 28
Round 3 -
Round 4 -

Team Saiko

Round 1 - June 12
Round 2 - July 24
Round 3 - August 14
Round 4 - September 4 (Regional Finals)

RC Powersports of Rolla

Dates TBA


Dates TBA

Official Super Drift Championship 2022 Rules and Judging Guide Rev. 7.0 - CLICK HERE

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