We just received the new OverDose XEX Chassis. Here’s a brief rundown of our build:

When I first learned about this chassis I have to admit I was a little put off by the fact it seemed to be a budget chassis, however, as I started the build I quickly changed my mind and found myself really enjoying it. So much so, it went from a quick, open the box and get acquainted session, to an all night build. Almost like when you don’t want to put down a good book ’cause you are excited to see what happens next.

The Front End:
As soon as I started building, it was apparent this was not your regular build. There was no chassis to be found anywhere in the box. There were a few strange pieces, but nothing resembling a conventional R/C chassis. I pushed ahead and found the entire front end was its own separate module. The front bulk-head, diff carrier, and the entire front suspension, was on it’s own. The slide rack that is included with this kit is plastic, but seems to be doing the job just fine. It also comes with a ball diff up front. This kit comes with front C-Hubs and seems to be a 1.25 CS ratio. Originally I set the XEX up for RWD, but it became quickly apparent the amount of angle I was getting from the stock setup was just too limiting.

I have a set of the new OverDose RWD Knuckles sitting on my desk, so I decided to grab those and the new OverDose Adjustable LCAs and get this party started. To my disappointment, there were no LCAs on the wall. I can’t feel good about putting anything other than OverDose on this bad boy, so CS it is for the time being.

The Rear End:
Getting to the rear end, I found the same modular design. I was also surprised to find a gearbox at this end of the drive train. It reminded me of the Team Associated Stealth Transmission from back in the day. The idler gear is adjustable and allows for the changing of the CS Ratio by swapping out the top drive gear. The kit comes equipped with a solid spool and some really nice aluminum sleeves to give structural strength to the plastic drive cups.

The Exoskeleton / Space Frame Chassis Design:
RIDGED!!! Wow, I was really shocked by just how ridged this chassis is. By utilizing the exoskeleton design, the front and rear modules are tied together to create a surprisingly stiff chassis. This thing is solid. I know some people prefer to tune around chassis flex, I have always been a fan of a solid chassis and having the suspension do all the work. If you are from this school of thought, you will be pleasantly surprised. All that aside, just look at this thing. I can see the door being wide open for aluminum sides and all kinds of other craziness.

Final Thoughts:
Although the OverDose XEX is not their top of the line, it is still a high quality chassis with some new features that should prove to an asset as the dust settles. There is nothing about this kit that screams cheap or subpar quality. In fact I found myself appreciating this kit more and more as I put it together. Even the dampers, although they are not their HG dampers, are still really nice and buttery smooth. I also like the way the space frame neatly tucks all the electronics away safely and out of harms way. All the images I have seen of this kit just don’t seem to do it justice. I think the materials don’t quite translate correctly in pictures. I am excited to see what is in store as far as upgrades for this unique chassis.