ABC Hobby Mini Applicator (nail polish size) Paint!

by admin on Feb 07, 2016 Categories: REVIEW/TECH/HOW-TO

ABC Candy Red (Translucent Red) Paint (w/ Applicator) Mini Bottle

Have you ever had to paint a corner light or tail light? Do you end up masking up the entire car again just to hit a 1" area with a quick burst of paint? This was a promising solution that we have seen in Japan. We finally got their whole lineup here.

They produce: Smoke, Amber(Orange), Red, and Aluminum(Silver).

We were recently finishing up a body and decided to give the clear red a try.

Initial impressions on the applicator was that it's just like white-out or nail polish! It really was that is! We just masked around were we didn't want to make a mess. A couple quick coats made a pretty nice clear red realistic finish! Can't wait to try their other colors!

Photo Feb 05, 11 23 40 PM

Photo Feb 05, 11 23 49 PM

Photo Feb 05, 11 25 10 PM

Photo Feb 05, 11 26 43 PM

Photo Feb 05, 11 59 03 PM

Photo Feb 05, 11 59 19 PM