FXX-D Side

MST (Max Speed Technology) – FXX-D IFS Version
MST (Max Speed Technology) FXX-D is a RWD ONLY chassis. This is one factor that separates the FXX-D from the others featured in this entry. It is a purpose built and designed RWD Chassis. MST is extremely popular in areas other than SoCal, but with good reason. We have had many visitors bring their MST Chassis to Super-G, and we have always been impressed with the build quality and their performance. MST has always been a company that produces many upgrades for their chassis, which translates into upgrades that work and fit well. They keep their chassis affordable, but always offer a VIP version of their chassis, which is a fully upgraded version. This is one thing we really appreciate about MST, they offer an affordable entry to their top of the line chassis. Before going any further, I will say up front, this chassis wins my vote for Bang for the Buck, and Most Recommended for the beginner.

Build Quality – The MST FXX-D is basically the plastic version of the FXX-D VIP. With the exception of a few pieces, the entire chassis is supplied in plastic form. The plastic MST uses is considerably softer than that of Yokomo. As I stated in the Yokomo section, their plastic is what all other plastics are compared to, and MST plastic is not what Yokomo is. This being said, there are a few upgrades which we feel are necessary to make this a solid chassis. I would say MSTs use of plastic in these areas wasn’t the best choice, but it does allow you to get into this chassis cheap, and get some runs in before having to spend more on upgrades. Overall, the build quality is good and once the “necessity upgrades” are done, the chassis will be solid.

**Necessity Upgrades – We have a list of what we consider “Necessity Upgrades”. These are replacement parts for the weakest points on this chassis. The aluminum Reduction Gear Housing, and the Metal Drive Gear will provide a rock solid drive train. Aluminum Steering Wipers will eliminate the small amount of flex in the plastic steering wipers. This will provide very precise steering control. Turnbuckle Set – Yes, to keep costs down, the kit comes with Solid Links. Not a good thing if you want to do any type of tuning. These upgrades add up to about $100 on top of the cost of the kit, but ensures a solid platform.
FXX-D Front

Out of the box impressions – MST FXX-D where have you been all my life? I suspect due to the fact this chassis was never designed to do anything other than be a RWD chassis, everything was designed around this. Even with the solid links installed and using the supplied Gyro, the FXX-D is a solid performer. I found I could do laps without much to complain about. It wasn’t EXACTLY as I would want it, but it wasn’t bad. It will get the beginner up and running without any issues, as long as the chassis has been built correctly and the supplied measurements for everything is used. The IFS which stands for Inboard Front Suspension utilizes a cantilever suspension system which cleans up the front end and allows for max steering angle, works extremely well, and looks trick while doing it.

Performance – After the addition of the Aluminum Steering Wipers and the Turnbuckle Kit, I was able to get down to some tuning fun. What I found immediately was this chassis responds well to any adjustments. I was able to get it to my liking in one short tuning session. I did end up adding weight to the rear to balance out the slight front heavy feeling it had. This is due to the Front Motor design. Overall, I feel this chassis is the easiest of the 3 to tune and agrees with what I look for in a chassis.

What we have observed – For the beginners, this chassis has proven time and time again to provide the best experience for the people who are new to R/C and / or R/C Drift, mainly due to the fact that it performs right out of the box and gives a solid starting point from which to grow from. The number of upgrades and the quality of what’s available is quite impressive. We have seen great performance from many beginners, and we have seen some serious sliding from the more experienced. Fully upgraded, this chassis is quite impressive, but holds it own with a few simple, inexpensive upgrades. It’s rare to see someone struggle with this chassis. It happens, but it’s rare.

Recommended – As stated earlier, this is by far the best bang for the buck. It comes highly recommended without reservation for the beginner to the expert. If you are looking for a chassis to get you into the R/C Drift game on the cheap, or if you are looking for a chassis you can upgrade to the moon, this is a great route to go. It works right out of the box, but responds well to tuning. So if you are the type to who just wants to build and go, or you love to tune and tinker, you will be right at home with the FXX-D IFS. It comes with a gyro that works well, which is an added bonus. It’s hard to find negatives for this chassis, especially given the price point. If you are just getting into the hobby, you will be doing yourself a huge disservice by not at least considering this chassis.

$175 – MST FXX-D IFS (Includes Gyro)
$100 – Necessity Upgrades
$275 – Total (Plus Electronics)