Final Breakdown / Entry Level Chassis Part 5 of 5

by admin on May 12, 2016 Categories: REVIEW/TECH/HOW-TO
Three In closing, I hope this write up can help some of you sort through the complicated online opinions you have no doubt come across. I have no loyalties to any of these companies, and I own all 3 of these chassis. I wanted each one of them to work well, since it would make my life easier, but like everything else in life, not everything is equal. Trust me, if I could say they were all great, I would. As they say, variety is the spice of life. Each of these chassis have a very specific place in terms of the beginner. My obvious choice is the MST FXX-D ISF, followed by the Yokomo Drift Package Type C w/ RWD Conversion Kit. Both have a great upgrade path and both are top performers. The Final Breakdown: $165 - 3Racing Sakura D4 with Gyro. Pros: Cheapest Price Cons: Difficult and costly to get working Build quality and materials are sub par Tuning options limited in stock form Proprietary parts make upgrading difficult $175 - MST FXX-D IFS with Gyro. Pros: Best Bang for the Buck (Within $10 of the cheapest of the 3) Highly Recommended Beginner to Expert Works Extremely Well Out of the Box Designed to be RWD from the ground up Can be converted to VIP Version Many Upgrades Available Great Aftermarket Support Instructions In English Cons: Some upgrades needed to make solid Plastic not as ridged as it could be $435 - Yokomo Drift Package Type C + Yokomo RWD Conversion Kit with Gyro. Pros: Highly Recommended Intermediate to Expert Works Extremely Well with Tuning High Quality Materials 10+ Years of proven performance Many Upgrades Available Great Aftermarket Support No upgrades necessary Cons: Price (Highest cost of the 3) Doesn't work well without RWD Tuning knowledge 10+ Year old design Instructions in Japanese Only