March 18, 2017

On Saturday, we had a very special visitor from Japan. Takayuki Sone, a Wrap Up Next Support Team Driver and member of IROHA Works Team.

Since Takayuki did not bring his car on this trip, I quickly gave my personal car up for the evening. All I can say is, Wow! He quietly took the control and figured out which car was his. Literally on his first lap an 8 car tandem train formed! His skills in R/C Drift and leading a Tandem Train became obvious immediately. This set the tone for the rest of the evening.

It was apparent from the moment Takayuki hit the track there is definite difference in style and “personality” in driving. He was extremely smooth and I would say a sense of politeness was always present. In contrast, our driving style seemed more aggressive with a lot of attitude. Something I personally found interesting since it also parallels with how society differs from both parts of the world.

Since it was around dinner time, we headed over to a local favorite, Boca Del Rio and grabbed some carne asada burritos. We had to introduce him to some real Los Angeles flavor. He seemed surprised at the size of these “little” burritos. If you haven’t tried this place yet, it’s about time you did.

Takayuki fit right in with the Super-G Fam. His visit was a great way for us to test out our latest track layout. It was pretty clear it is going to work for us. We all had a great time and we are looking forward to Takayuki’s next visit. ¬†Pictured: John Brasko, Shaine Collins, Kevin Motter, Jason Fordyce, Takayuki Sone, Steve, Yuko, Mark Santa Cruz, Josh, Alan Molina, Joe.