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Yokomo Side Diffuser / Front Splitter HAS ARRIVED [SUPER-G FIRST LOOK]

by admin on Aug 08, 2018 Categories: REVIEW/TECH/HOW-TO

Yokomo's latest greatest has arrived. We couldn't wait to check them out and see how they perform and look!

Here's a quick view of what's inside.

Here's some closeups of the front splitter. They shaped it VERY low profile so that it can all fit together without sacrificing too much ground clearance.

The 2nd part sticks on right flush with the front.

Now onto the side pieces!

They do make the car look pretty damn cool. Probably reminds some of us when we first saw the Pikes Peak ESCUDO. They give you the correct hardware to get it all working.
Here it is with some close ups.

The side pieces replaces the top CF pieces. It contours the YD2-S chassis perfectly. It doesn't seem to hang lower than the chassis(that's a relief). The side profile looks like it directs the air perfectly. Look at the profile and how the wheels match up to it.

Now comes the best part! ROAD TEST! We're going to take it on the road and see what these things can do. While you wait for us to test, you can grab yours today! We were able to lock down a small amount of both: