The Reve D MC-1 Conversion Kit for the YD2

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November 9, 2020

Reve D MC-1 Conversion Kit for the Yokomo YD2

This past week has been an exciting one for me here at Super-G. The much anticipated Reve D MC-1 conversion kit for the Yokomo YD2 had landed. I had to finish another project before digging in, so I must say it lit a fire under me for sure. It was Friday afternoon and I had a few hours before we opened, so I got to it.

Reve D MC-1 Converted YD2 SXIII

Being as there is a lot of hype surrounding this chassis, everyone has been quick to put their reviews out. So rather than to just give a rehash of what everyone else has been posting, I decided to just touch on some key points I have found on my MC-1 build.

Motor is in the lowest position possible with the battery being used

The build went really quickly. In about 2.5 hours I was ready to hit the track. Since it’s a conversion kit, it uses parts from the Yokomo YD2 kit to complete the build. Specifically, it uses the entire front end and the rear suspension blocks out. The MC-1 is basically the lower chassis, upper deck, a couple braces, gearbox, rear shock tower, propeller shaft, spur gear holder, battery holder, and rear esc mount. I decided to use my SXIII as a donor chassis since I view this as an upgrade.

Rear ESC Mount, and Cable Management Included

The conversion is impressive. Everything fits well and there is plenty of attention to detail. The beveled carbon parts are a nice touch and gives it more character. I was pleased to find a aluminum open gear box. It goes together well. Something I have always wished Yokomo would do. There is something about their molded plastic gear box that has always bothered me. I guess it’s because it reminds me of the old RC10 Stealth Transmission gearbox from years back. So this in itself is a great improvement. Using the idler gear shafts as part of the structure is just efficiency at it’s finest.

Acuvance Agile 13.5T, Futaba S.Bus Adapter, Gorilla Mounts

The motor mount is a very unique design. It is infinitely adjustable and is held in place by a big locking nut. Reve D supplied a thin wrench to make adjustment easy. I had questioned if it would be able to support the motor with all the torque being applied to the mount, but after a hard night of driving, it didn’t seem to even be phased. Reve D had announced the spacing on their mount for the motor was not correct, so knowing this ahead of time, it did not bother me. It was a bit on the tight side, but it worked. I have had worse fitting parts from other manufacturers in the past. I’m glad to see Reve D got ahead of this and let everyone know. It’s useable with the Acuvance Agile motor in case anyone is wondering.

The Belly of the Beast

Another welcome addition is Reve D’s battery mount. It is a very good design and really straight forward. Simple and effective, just the way I Iike it.

Nice Battery Holder and Channel for ESC Wire Routing

Including a channel to run the esc wire through is nothing short of awesome! I’m always in search of a better way to do my wiring, and this just made my life a whole lot better! Great job on that!

My Setup
Futaba CT700 Servo
Futaba GYD550 Gyro
Futaba MC970CR ESC
Acuvance Raiz Capacitor
Acuvance Agile 13.5T Motor
Full Reve D front end conversion (Upper and lower control arms and knuckles
Reve D MC-1 Conversion Kit
Overdose HG v3 Dampers #15 F/R

My Choice in Electronics - Futaba CT700 / Futaba GYD550 / Futaba R334SBS-E / Futaba MC970CR / Acuvance Raiz / Acuvance Agile 13.5T

Ok ok, so how does it perform.
Since I had my SXIII set up to my liking, I didn’t mess with the settings other than to increase the rear preload slightly and lengthen the rear shocks a bit to compensate for the added weight in the rear. On my first lap I felt my body was on crooked, so I brought it in and found it was just fine. I put it out again and again it looked strange. Then I realized I was just getting A TON of roll going on. Not just side to side, but all around. Very reminiscent of the DLike Re-r. I would say it’s almost like an Re-r on steroids. (Not a bad thing IMO) It has a lot of traction, and although there is a lot of weight in the rear, I didn’t notice any type of pendulum effect going on.

Reve D Front End Conversion / Reve D Lower Control Arms / Reve D Knuckles / Overdose HG v3 Dampers

I was lucky enough to be able to be testing alongside of Mikko Yang - Reve D Factory Team Driver x Team D-Style and Shaine Collins - Team D-Style for their maiden voyages on a track as well. Three different setups, three different styles of tuning, and all 3 of us had great results. Even though everyone was wearing masks, it was clear there were some big smiles going on!

3 Different Setups, 3 Different Tunes, Fantasic Results - Reve D MC-1

Overall, I have to say this is a very impressive conversion for the YD2. I really liked my SXIII, and this was an improvement all around for me. I can’t wait to get a few tuning sessions with this chassis. I’m sure it’s only going to get better. I’m certain this one has found a home in my stable. Highly Recommended.

Reve D MC-1 on the scales
Yokomo YD2 SXIII on the scales