RMX Batt Holder Top Close Up

MST RMX 2.0s - A Better Battery Holder

by admin on Mar 22, 2018 Categories: REVIEW/TECH/HOW-TO
I'm always about telling it like it is, especially when it comes to R/C. I don't play favorites to any brands, or hate on any brands, I just like good stuff. As much as I like MST's RMX 2.0s, there is one thing in particular that I absolutely hate. THE BATTERY MOUNT!

In particular, their use of those little body clips. I'm surprised they still use this method, because in my opinion it's just a cop out. I have been using Velcro for the past year or so, but since it's a little bit of a tight squeeze between the top supports and the bottom deck with the Velcro on both the battery and the bottom deck, it's been less than ideal. The only reason I have opted for Velcro is I hate the stock mount and did not have another option at the time.
Enter the Yokomo Shorty Battery Holder for the DRB/DIB - DRB-118L.

Notice the new battery mount is perfectly centered.

I found the existing holes in the RMX 2.0s chassis line up perfectly with the mounting holes on the  Yokomo Battery Holder. What I really like about the Yokomo holder is first and foremost, they don't use those pesky body clips at every corner. In fact, they only use 1, but it's really optional. I always run the screw the end cap pivots on a little snug, so it holds in place. It also naturally wants to stay in the closed position, so I'm not sure what the body clip would even do in this situation.

Battery Holder Open

Battery Holder Closed

The battery slides easily into the holder, and has no room to wiggle, yet it doesn't tear into the lower corners of your batteries like the stock RMX holder does.

So if you're like me, and want a better option for mounting your battery, give the Yokomo battery holder a try. It's really a worth while upgrade, and I do mean upgrade. The only catch is you need to be running shorty batteries. If you are running the thicker shorties, over 3800mah, you can just put some spacers between the holder and the deck to raise it up.
The Yokomo Battery Mount can be purchased here: