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Futaba T4PV / T3PV Carbon Handle Review

by admin on Dec 30, 2016 Categories: REVIEW/TECH/HOW-TO

We pre ordered these months ago and they finally showed up! The initially impression was just the same as the 4PX handle. The handle is made out of really high quality carbon with uniform weaves and crisp cuts. The ends are clean and are not splitting at all.
The kit comes with screws to attach it to your remote. English and Japanese instructions are included(thank goodness).

As you can see, the remote doesn't really have an easy are to grab from. If the remote is one, grabbing it might turn the steering or blip the throttle. This is where the handle comes in handy!

Installation is pretty straight forward. Just two screws, using a 2.5mm allen and you're set. The new look and easy grab feature makes this product well worth the few bucks. We can't wait to try this handle on our T4PV.
Price: Excellent
Quality: Excellent
Function: Excellent


You can purchase one in our store, or online here: