Futaba Hauler - The New Style!

by admin on Aug 27, 2021 Categories: REVIEW/TECH/HOW-TO

August 26, 2021

The New Futaba Hauler!

I’m going to start by saying, I always struggle when it’s time to hit the other tracks, or go to events. I always like to travel with minimal bulk and the standard haulers are bit too heavy-duty for me. With all the wheels, extending handles, etc. the entire package gets to be pretty hefty. I always feel the hauler itself is adding most of the weight.

Boxes can be carried in the standard orientation, OR flipped on their sides to keep the chassis flat

Well it looks like Futaba was listening when they made their R/C Car Hauler. With 2 large main compartments to hold chassis, bodies, etc. and 1 smaller side compartment for a remote and smaller items, it seems to be just right. Right away I noticed the weight savings, and a quick check on the scale showed the Futaba Hauler to be a tick over 3 pounds lighter than my current hauler that has become the standard.

Small side compartment - Perfect for transmitters and other small items

I was pleased to find out I could easily carry everything I would need when visiting different tracks. 1 or 2 chassis, Transmitter, Tool Box, Charger, Batteries, and of course merch for giveaways. Saving 3 pounds overall will make a huge difference. I also has hoops on either side for a shoulder strap (Not Included) which will make it even nicer.

Fits standard drift bodies with no problem. A nice amount of extra space, but not excessive

As many have found, generic R/C haulers sometimes won’t fit our R/C Drift bodies. If they don’t, then what’s he point? The Futaba Hauler fits perfectly with just enough extra space to fit the longer bodies, as well as some extra cargo such as batteries, tires, tools, etc.

Nice padded and reinforced side compartment with plenty of space

The side compartment fits my Futaba 7PXR with the drop-down adapter and Scale Reflex Steering Wheel Grip. There is also enough space where I can carry my tool box, charger, batteries, and whatever else I want to throw in there. With the reinforced sides and bottom, I feel confident it will all be safe.

The New Futaba Hauler

In closing, I must admit I’m a fan. This is a product I have been hoping for. Light-weight, well thought out, and one of the biggest selling points for me, not branded with a chassis brand. I don’t change my brand of radio gear. I have been a loyal Futaba user from the age of 13-14. I have experimented with other brands, but I ALWAYS come back to Futaba. Now I can change chassis brands and not feel like my new chassis doesn’t belong in my old hauler. Another point I should point out is there is no nonsense going on. I never cared for a dedicated compartments to store tools in a strange configuration that I will never use. I always prefer to have my tools in a small box so I’m not continually going back into my hauler to get various tools. Get me and my gear to the track, and I’ll organize myself. I feel Futaba hit this one right. No nonsense, simple design, and at an affordable price. $119 MSRP is a smokin deal in my opinion.
Super-G will be getting their shipment in shortly. Don’t miss out!!!