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Entry Level Chassis Part 1 of 5

by admin on May 06, 2016 Categories: REVIEW/TECH/HOW-TO
The Top Contenders As many of you know, here at Super-G R/C Drift Arena, we have an Indoor Polished Concrete and an Outdoor Asphalt Track. We also have a dedicated R/C Drift Shop. We do our best to fully support all the chassis we offer here. From the smallest screw, to the newest latest upgrade. As it turns out, the most requested item is the entry-level chassis. The challenge here is simply, you can't believe everything you read online. There is so much information, both bad and good out there now, it's hard to know what the truth really is. One huge advantage we have here at Super-G is, whatever we sell, we usually get to see how it performs long term. We also get to see a lot of exotic builds and brands we don't carry. If we see something that really catches our attention, we will get on that immediately so we can bring our customers the best the industry has to offer. That being said, we have set up many first-time R/C owners, experienced R/C (First Time Drift), and everything in between. This is my personal, straight to the point, opinion of the leading 3 entry-level chassis on the market right now. **I have no contracts or brand association, so you can rest assured, this is an absolultely non-biased review. First, the way I have chosen which chassis belong in this entry is simple: Price and Customer Interest. There are higher-end chassis available which come with a bigger price tag. There are also chassis with a lower price tag, but cannot be recommended due to being sub-par. I won't waste anyone's time review them. This is aimed at the person wanting to get into R/C Drift without breaking the bank and at the same time, wanting to be able to continue with the hobby. We can always make recommendations for other options, but just know this is about "Entry-Level". We have worked extensively with the chassis listed, so everything here is from my first-hand experience. The chassis are: 3Racing - Sakura D4, Yokomo - Drift Package, and MST - FXX-D. We will only be speaking on the RWD (Rear Wheel Drive) setups, since well over 90% of the people who come to Super-G are RWD now. So let's get to it! 3RACING SAKURA D4 (PART 2 OF 5)