DS Racing LF-5 Prototype (Test)

by admin on Feb 06, 2020 Categories: REVIEW/TECH/HOW-TO

Last week I was surprised with a few sets of DS Racing’s latest tires to test here at Super-G. The first one I decided to test is the DS Racing LF-5. I’m assuming it is part of the Fenix line since it’s a treaded tire.

DS Racing adjustable offset wheels have been my goto wheel since their release

Testing tires is a tiring task. (No pun intended) Over the years I have had the opportunity to test many tires. Overtime I figured out you can’t just throw them on, take a few laps, and make a decision. The opposite is actually the reality. Some tires break-in right away and stay that speed for the remainder of their life, others take a long time to break-in (hours) and continue to speed up or slow down over the course of many hours/days of driving.

The ideal situation is the new tires have a relatively fast break-in period, less than a full battery, and then remain consistent throughout the remainder of their life. Depending on how sensitive you are to tires, break-in can be quicker for some than others.

Treaded tires are a nice change of pace

Presently we are using the DS Racing FFFF Zero Mark II as the spec tire for Super-G. We have chosen this tire for it’s speed and very balanced forward and sideways bite.

DS Racing’s latest, the LF-5 feels a bit different when compared to the FFFF Zero, Mark II. The biggest difference for me is the Flat Profile of the LF-5. The FFFF Zero Mark II has a rounded profile. The LF-5 is a bit slower all around, but still very balanced. The other LF line tires seemed to have high forward bite, but nice sideways slide. Here at Super-G, The LF-5 is the first of the Fenix Tires that I would consider. I like the look with the tread as well.

After a the equivlent of a good session (Over the course of a week) the consistency seems good

Overall, the LF-5 may become a alternate tire for us. Break-in was relatively quick, and has remained consistent after the first battery. They do make a different sound when compared to slicks, but it didn’t bother me. If your surface is similar to ours here at Super-G, you might want to take a look at the new LF-5s.