DPR Chassis Setup - Super-G RC Drift Arena

by admin on Mar 24, 2015 Categories: REVIEW/TECH/HOW-TO
Katsumi DPR
Katsumi's DPR Set Up Spec
Date: Feb 21st 2015
Track surface: Polished Concrete @ Super G indoor track.
Tire: Yokomo 01R2
Motor & ESC: Yokomo Racing Performer with Yokomo Zero 13.5t Motor
Battery; Yokomo Li-Po 5700mah
Wheels: Yokomo 4mm off set

Katsumi DPR Bottom Front
Camber:-10 with extend 3mm lower arm
Toe: IN 1 ? eye ball check
Kick up: None
Caster Setup: 7deg
Upper Arm position: Mid upper
Shim set upper : 0.5 in Rear and other in front
Shim set lower : everything front
Ride height: 4mm
Springs: Yokomo HSS Yellow
Bumper weight: 40g
Steering Block: Stock
Sway-Bar: None
Shock Oil: Yokomo #350
Other: I extend lower arm 3mm
Katsumi DPR Bottom Rear
Camber: -5
Toe: in 4
3 deg Rear Toe Suspension Block and 1 Hub
Kick up: Front 3mm
Ride height: 7mm
Springs: Yokomo HSS Blue
Sway-Bar: None
Shock Oil: Yokomo #350
Drive Train
Gearing: Front 40x13 Rear Stock 40x17
Overdrive ratio 1.3
Front: One-Way & D-144 Under Drive Gear
Center: Stock ( solid main drive shaft )
Rear: Stock ( Solid )
Spur: 48pt 82t.
Pinion: 48pt 22t
Katsumi DPR Body Weight
# Add weight to body under hood on 20g and under roof on 20g
Katsumi O Right
# Put ruber Oring in rear chassis brace of front side