Acuvance Pulse Master - We Give It A Test

by admin on Jul 21, 2023 Categories: REVIEW/TECH/HOW-TO


For those who are familiar with Acuvance, you know they are always pushing the envelope with super, high-quality electronics. Their ESC’s (Electronic Speed Control) and motors are really the pinnacle of smoothness. The latest offering from Acuvance, the Pulse Master, adds another layer to their already refined line up.

Description by Acuvance:

"In controlling the RC model, various devices such as ESC are controlled by digital signals. Of course, there is some signal loss in this waveform, and the user unconsciously compensates for it with their finger sensations.

This product "PULSE MASTER" is a completely new device that specializes in correcting this signal loss. For example, during a chase that requires the most detailed throttle work in drifting, you can achieve a sharper run by faithfully following your finger movements.

Similarly, it is highly effective in time races such as On-road and Off-road racing. It is a completely new device that has never existed before, and it is recommended to use it together with [ACUTRON] and [COA-5G] as well as [Chevalier Series] for battery output correction and [TRACE Series] for RX (Receiver).

This product is for intermediate and advanced users who can experience the interlocking of finger operation and car movement."

Acuvance recommends using the Pulse Master along side of their Acutron (Photonic Stabilizer), COA-5G (Electronic Balancer), Chevalier Blaze (Capacitor), and Trace (RX Capacitor). Obviously the theme here is, smooth out the power delivery while having plenty of power on tap. Acuvance does a great job of this. In all my testing, these products do have an impact on the various components. Some greater than others to some degree.

The Rhino Racing Hydra Final Form Shark - The perfect test subject

Test Setup
For testing the new Pulse Master I have chosen to install it on my current test chassis since I am the most familiar with the smallest detail of how this chassis is driving at the moment. I put a quick disconnect so i could test with and without, back to back, without skipping a beat. My setup - Xarvis XX with Blaze Cap, and 10.5 Fledge w/ Torque Rotor, Futaba 10PX radio system, CT700 and GYD550. All this installed on my Rhino Racing Hydra Final Form Shark.

The Pulse Master is designed to be connected as you would connect a capacitor. I don't believe it is instead of, but rather in addition to your existing capacitor, which is how I connected the test unit.

Let's Drive!
I took a few laps to get my tires warmed up, then a good 5 minutes to get a true feel of how the car was reacting at that time. Paying really close attention to what was going on with the throttle. Everything was “Normal” since, well everything was as it always is.

I connect the Pulse Master and I’m back on the track within seconds. Immediately I notice the throttle input feels different. As with some of the other add-ons, it seems to change the “Feel” of what is happening. I continued to drive and swap with and without the Pulse Master. There is a definite change. It seemed I was able to find my traction point and hold it with less effort overall while using the Pulse Master (I never realized what I was doing til I didn't need to), but most noticeable was just an overall smoother, more consistent feel.

The final labeling will be in the typical Acuvance quality. Testing isn't always glamorous.

Will the Pulse Master make a beginner into a champion? Not a chance. I do feel it changes and improves the feeling of the power delivery system. When I read Acuvance’s recommendation for “Intermediate and advanced users” I didn’t know what to make of that. After testing, I would say without a well trained throttle finger, you would be hard-pressed to realize the change. If you are very familiar with how everything reacts to your input, you may be able to reap the benefits of a more accurate and more direct feeling throttle control on an already buttery smooth system. When you are in pursuit of the smoothest of the smooth and the most accurate power delivery system, the Pulse Master is definitely worth a look.