Yokomo Releases New YD2 Curved Slide Steering Rack

by admin on Nov 15, 2018 Categories: FEATURED
Here's a couple of prototype photos from Team Yokomo's last visit to Super G New Aluminum rounded Steering Rack System will be finally released!! This is the answer from YOKOMO for the perfect steering performance with YD-2S and YD-2E. Team YOKOMO have been long tested at the field and resulted several victories in 2018. Installing high precision Slide Rack will reduce the backlash around the steering wheel, and will increase more rigid steering feels and decrease the shaking. Curved design has selected for mainframe which is sandwich with carbon plates to prevent from the interference with tied rod at maximum steering angle. It allows the drifter can feel more freedom in deepest angle drifting moment. The slide mainframe is installed with an angle to the forward tilt in order to reduce the bump steer which the tendency of the wheel of a car to steer itself as it moves through the suspension stroke. The body roll and suspension motions will not influence the car to turn more sharply than the driver anticipates. [For YD-2E series] Product name : Roundly steering slide rack bulk head set for YD-2E (including carbon upper deck) Product code : Y2-202SRE [For YD-2S series] Product name : Roundly steering slide rack bulk head set for YD-2S Product code : Y2-202SRS