Yokomo aside Diffuser Set (YD-2S) Annouced. Y2-001SD

by admin on Jul 20, 2018 Categories: FEATURED
Yokomo Side diffuser set for YD-2S Product code : Y2-001SD New Product Information: Diffuser set for YD-2 and YD-4 series (1/10 scale EP Drift car) Yokomo will releasing a new generation of option parts for all the YD-2/YD-4 series.Based on long time RC Racing experience at YOKOMO, team drivers came up with an idea for improving the basic performance of a drift chassis by enhancing the aero dynamic performance of the chassis, such as what is already being applied to on 1:1 scale drifting and racing cars.This new optional items have been redesigned in its shape, pitch and groove depth several times and have earned validation in numerous events on several types of surface conditions.This epic performance set consists of Front & Undertray diffuser set for YD-2/YD4 series and Side diffuser set for YD-2S series.