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Yokomo Announces YD2 EXIIS in RED or BLACK 2/8/19

by admin on Feb 08, 2019 Categories: FEATURED

YD2 EXIIS (RED LIMITED) Only 300 produced

Introducing the new YD-2EXIIS kit in Standard Black and limited Red version.

Our High-end RWD chassis kit the YD-2EX has been further enhanced!
Already proven to have awesome performance it is now available with the latest upgrade parts and new curved slide rack steering system.
It will be available from all good hobby shops at the end of February.

The Aluminum/Carbon high precision curved slide rack provides a smooth, precise and consistent feeling from steering inputs from the start right through to maximum steering angle.
This is possible with our no bump steer design that allows you to use many castor and kpi options without affecting the steering angle over bumpy surfaces.
In addition to the standard black version, a limited production in anodized Red will be available whilst stocks last. (limited to 300 sets in world-wide)

Product name : YD-2EXIIS Chassis kit
Product code : DP-YD2EXB

Product name : YD-2EXIIS Red version Chassis kit
Product code : DP-YD2EXR
Remark : Limited to 300kits in world wide

We are NOW taking orders on the red limited: