Yokomo Announces YD-2 EX Final Version (200kits Limited)

by admin on Feb 23, 2018 Categories: FEATURED


In two consecutive years won the champion of the world, now YD-2 series is well known as one of the best RWD RC drift chassis
which has super strong potential for winning at the international levels competition.
And know the most significant model YD-2EX will be equipped with various optional items and named as YD-2EX Final Version.
This is going to be 200 kits limited in sale as final super deal.
YD-2EX Final Version is 1,000 JPY extra price than the standard one, but it will come with Aluminum Special Steering block(5,900JPY)
and Aluminum Rear A-arm Suspension set(14,800JPY) for more freedom in setting variation.
This will be a big opportunity to try and feel the excellence of full equipped RWD car kit YD-2EX.
Pre-orders are now being taken for YD-2EX Final Version, with February 28th shipping date.
This is 200 kit limited special deal final version.
Product Name :  YD-2EX Chassis kit
Product Code :   DP-YD2EXF
Customer list Price :  58,800 JPY
Barcode 639342155880

Aluminum adjustable special steering block are capable for adjusting King Pin Angle by replacing with various spacers.
Now road contact area and pressure are adjustable to control the front grip feeling in different type of surface condition.

More expert setting is the rear traction. Fine adjustment for the toe angle and vehicle width are going to be more easy because of multilink.
The upper A arm is made of high precision aluminum, mounted on aluminum shock tower, it improves the maintainability as well.

Matt Carbon graphite chassis is a kit standard at YD-2EX Final Version.
All kinds of batteries such as Ni-MH, NIMH and Lipo which is commercially available for 1/10 RC can be installed.