Yokomo announces Adjustable Rear A-Arm for YD-2 - Y2-RAC

by admin on May 26, 2017 Categories: FEATURED
Yokomo offers an adjustable rear A-Arm kit for the YD2.
Back to adjustable toe like the DP days!
You can pre-order yours today here:

Direct Translation:
Make the rear suspension of the popular RWD drift car YD-2 series A arm
It is a kit. Aluminum shock tower and upper arm holder, aluminum upper
The A arm improves accuracy and rigidity, and compared with the standard H arm type, it has a variable rear toe angle
Adjustment, width of adjustment wider, vehicle width that can be fine-tuned, easiness of setting change, multi-linking
It is possible to obtain many merits such as toe control setting.
Also, the upper arm adopted this time is attached to the shock tower both front and back
It became easier to maintain as it was done. A system that combines high convenience and high performance
It is possible to freely manipulate rear traction which is important with RWD drift.
However, since setting skill is required, some setting know-how
For those who have you, "Specialty" kit for experts "commitment".