YD-2 Meeting (Team Yokomo) At HOBBY HOUSE [Japan]

by admin on Jan 27, 2017 Categories: FEATURED

 There was also an event in the form that was not limited to YD - 2 users, and although the number of participants was somewhat less, it was a day of excitement.
The content of this event was mainly the setting lecture by Team Yokomo's "Matsuzaki (Hayato), Kawakami (Takahiro), Yoshinobu (Hayato), Mayujin (Tome)", driving and set advice in one- The participants gave a lot of voices saying, "It became difficult to spin" and "the running became easy".

After the personal lecture is over, the meeting group gathers together. Participants were also curious about the content of Ackerman 's set and how to run, etc which I can not usually hear.

In the last closing ceremony, not the body condyle, but the Condale "chassis condire" of the machine was done. The YD - 2 chosen was a full option, but it was a specification that balanced the appearance and the set that dare to use the chassis roll positively instead of chassis being carbon.

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