Tekin Announces New Line of Servos, Meet the T-120 - 12/3/17

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Anyone who has been RC'ing for a while knows TEKIN, They are coming in with some new goodies that will be awesome for the drift community!
Preorder yours today:
Tekin announces the release of a new line of servo products. The line includes 2 lo‐profile versions and 6 standard size versions for all applications. They expect them to be very popular.
These servos have new digital position magnetic encoder technology in them that makes them truly different from what is currently available in the market for accuracy, repeatability and efficiency. They are reasonably priced and offer performance and features that are leading edge including all metal housing and gears, and fully programmable when connected to Hotwire. As an added bonus they include an Aluminum arm with each servo.
Yes, that's right, they come with an Aluminum Servo Horn! How cool is that?
The T-120 is the one we have our eyes set on! They these bad boys will look pretty sick on a RMX(red/black color way). The specs look just right and the price point is perfect for a higher end servo. Watch out Savox, TEKIN is coming!

T-120 Lo-Profile Servo 141oz @ .04ms (TT1500)

SPECSTorque: 8.4 - 7.4 - 6.0V
141 - 128 - 110 oz/in
10.1 - 9.2 - 7.9 kg/cm
Dynamic Torque: 8.4 - 7.4 - 6.0V
256 - 227 - 190 oz/in
18.5 - 15.8 - 13.7 kg/cm
Speed: 8.4 - 7.4 - 6.0V
0.04 - 0.05 - 0.06sec/60°
Input Voltage: 4.8V-8.4V
Gear Set: Full Metal
Dimensions: 1.57 x 0.79 x 1.06in /
40 x 20 x 27mm
Mounting Height (Base to Mount Tabs):
0.72in / 18.4mm
Weight: 1.92oz / 54.6g
​ Digital Magnetic Position Encoder (DPE)
Specifically Designed for 1/12 and 1/10 Scale Applications
​ Included Aluminum Vector Servo Arm
​ Full Aluminum Servo Housing
​ Element Proof Design*
​ LP = Low Profile Design
​ Precision Cut Full Metal Gears
​ ABEC5 Ball Bearings
​ High Voltage Capable
​ High Torque Coreless Motor
​ 25T Output Spline
​ Programmable via HotWire PC Interface
​ Overload Protection Technology
​ Thermal Protection Circuitry
​ Low Voltage Alarm**
​ Quiet, Efficient, Cool Operation
​ HDAC: High Density Copper PCB's


Tekin servos are crafted from the highest quality materials available. CNC Precision Cut gears provide an extremely smooth and efficient drive train. 6061-T6 machined aluminum 3-piece o-ring housings provide strength and protection from the elements while the finish quality and design are second to none. Sleek chamfered edges and bold lines combined with a matte anodized finish are sure to accent any build.
Included with the T-120 Lo-Pro Servo is a machined aluminum Vector 25T servo arm.
​ Digital Magnetic Position Encoder (DPE)
Our servos use Digital Magnetic Position Encoding (DPE) rather than a standard potentiometer, which gives Tekin servos industry leading accuracy, linearity and consistency.
​ Accuracy
Precise linear movement through the entire motion range with less than .2 degrees of deviation from start point to end point make Tekin the superior performance product. Low deviation DPE technology translates to pinpoint accuracy not found in other potentiometer servos, which tend to wander and center poorly and get worse as they age. Tekin is built to last at peak performance.
​ Linearity
Potentiometer servos can be up to seven degrees non-linear from end point to end point, creating a disconnected feel from your transmitter. Tekin servos eliminate this disconnect, giving you a linear feel and more precise control over your servo movement and position.
​ Consistency
Performance is important but we are all about consistent performance. Potentiometer performance drifts due to many variables; heat, age, component quality, etc. DPE is a rock-solid, repeatable and consistent technology bringing an unmatched consistency to Tekin servos. Tired of constantly trimming your servo and having response feel different during times of longer usage? Tekin servos are the answer.
​ Efficiency
Accuracy drives efficiency. A servo that has to work less to center or stop without overshooting position is using less energy. This means less heat build-up, less component fatigue and longer life.
​ Adaptability
Tekin Servos come with a series of unique features; DPE technology lets you set the center point anywhere, and servo travel limits can be set without reducing the End Point Adjustments (EPA’s) on your transmitter. Most servos are limited to 90° travel in each direction with a physical stop point; DPE means that Tekin servos can be programmed to travel beyond 360°-- up to 5 full rotations in each direction!
​ Element Proof
Dependable, no matter the terrain. Element Proof Tekin products are designed to handle water, mud & snow within reasonable restrictions. While we are not afraid to take on the elements, submerging is not recommended.
We guarantee our servos to be free from manufacturer defects for 365 days from date of purchase. All items are tested in a controlled environment prior to the packaging process to ensure you receive a top quality Tekin product. We strive to provide the highest grade professional components possible and we appreciate and treat every Tekin user as part of our family. We are RC enthusiasts designing and manufacturing quality products to give our fellow RC enthusiasts the best hobby experience possible.