RC Art x Tanabe New Mufflers COMING SOON! 4/28/18

by admin on May 01, 2018 Categories: FEATURED

Looks like RC Art and Tanabe has been hard at work with new mufflers! These are similar to their old collab work except these will come with the LED hole! We all love those backfires, but drilling into a little muffler is a bit tedious. Now just pop in the LED and you're ready to roll.
We have a big order of these coming in the next few weeks.
Length Light-weight type 22 mm drum full reproduction type 37 mm
Weight light type 10 g drum drum full reproduction type 16.5 g
● Taiko full reproduction model has a hole for 5 mm LED and a screw hole to attach the drum from above.
● Stainless steel is used for the material, and the quenching type and the quenchless type are prepared for the exit part.
● Can be mounted without choosing the location using 0.5 mm thick stainless steel muffler stay.