by admin on May 30, 2018 Categories: FEATURED

Your eyes do not deceive you. Yes, we really did get Dark Blue, Pastel Gray AND Metallic Wine Red!
The Pastel Gray is similar to a really nice primer color. Gives off a "dolphin" type of gray. As for Dark Blue, it is the perfect balance inbetween dark blue and midnight blue. If you back it with white, it appears a little lighter, but its a really nice color. We painted a sample on the product images since the cap doesn't truly reflect the actual color. As for Metallic Wine Red, it's a really elegant red with metallic tones. Similar to wine in terms of color with shimmery sparkle.

We had to do double shipping to get it here, but we wanted to bring these rare colors of PS paint to the Drift Community. There is a very limited amount of these paints. Once they are sold out, that will be it. We do not have any way of getting more. We are going to continue to try, but we are not sure what the future holds.
You can grab a can today by click one of the links below. Due to international regulations, we can only ship these paints to US Addresses.