Our MINI SEMA Build - Larry Chen's GR86

by admin on Jan 06, 2023 Categories: FEATURED

Yes, we did a little SEMA build of our own this last year. Here's a little play by play of our SEMA Build. Although it was 1/10 the size, it was still a lot of work. Larry's GR86 had some unique features to it, so we had to browse all over his socials to figure it out.


The body started life as a Tamiya BRZ(yes we know it's not a FRS). It seemed the most scale since Larry's car was more street less aggressive body kit(which more FRS bodies were).

We dove right into it and painted it a similar light gun metal with matching accents.

We sourced a 3D Carbon vinyl to match his actual Seibon Hood.

We know some of the graphics differ from the final version, his car was actually changing, so we kept having to update our little 1/10 build.

Trying to match this to Larry's 1/1 was quite the chore. He was dropping teaser photos, we so had to figure it out from bits and pieces of photos on social media.

We then did a interior along with some lighting bits. We had to pay some homage to CANON and Hoonigan as those are big parts of Larry's career!

We went with the new Scale Reflex - Reflex Strips. Masking the areas we wanted light to come through wasn't too bad. We added some tape to achieve different shades of light.

Seemed like the car was finally getting there. The lights were the cherry on top!


Here's some final photos of the completed build:

Yes that's right, we even were able to source some rims that we really close to his Motegi's! It was seriously a blast to do such a build! We were honored to have Larry bring our 1/10 to Sema with him along side his real 1/1 car.


As the story ends, Larry picks up the INFLUENCER OF THE YEAR award! We couldn't be more happy for him as it was well deserved. This guy is traveling the world 24/7 and bringing us some fresh content all the time. We just want to say congrats to Larry!

The final appearance next to the Godzilla trophy! Our little SEMA mini build next to the real thing!