MST releases some sneak peeks in their new Chassis. Meet the RMD! 1/17/17

by admin on Jan 17, 2017 Categories: FEATURED
Such an interesting design with a similar FXX look! MST does it again with some creative wiper designs.  Looks like many options for different tuning styles.  You can move the motor up for that weight shift if you'd like! This is some exciting news! They just announced a new Chassis on the horizon and released some interesting concept redenerings for us to drool over.  Can't wait to see what they will come up with. Could this be the next YD-2 killer? This is a pretty cool way to do the rear end. That's awesome they're going to give us final drive options! No more running CS gears to try to achieve final drive ratios in the DP days.  We will keep you guys posted as more information is released.