Keyence Acuvance Luxon Agile Specs RELEASED! 12/27/16

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Everybody has been so excited with the product announcement! We are glad they finally came out with some more information! DUAL SENSORS!?!?!?!
Translated information from KEYENCE direct:

LUXON AGILE (Agile) series
8.5 TB (black) 9.5 TB (black) 10.5 TB (black) 13.5 TB (black) 10.5 T-MS (mist silver)

Specifications · Specs

8.5 T

9.5 T

10.5 T

13.5 T
Input voltage (V) ※ 1 4.8 to 11.1
KV (rpm / V) 4,920 4,360 3,950 3,100
Power (W) ※ 2 390 350 320 250
Efficiency (Pasento) ※ 2 91 92 92 92
Rotor type Sintered φ 12.3 mm (neodymium magnet)
Coil winding method Star winding

The world's first [MFCS] with RC motor

Conventional brushless motor, the magnitude of the rotor diameter, resulting in changing the magnetic force by changing the distance between the rotor and the motor tube, has directed its properties as a "rotary" or "torque type".
However, in order to increase or decrease the volume and weight of the rotor itself is due to a change of the rotor diameter, the characteristics previously referred to as a "rotary", "torque-type",
there was a problem that the motor balance would change.
In [AGILE (agile)], [MFCS By mounting, the same options rotor both diameter and volume (※ 1) in, succeeded in changing only the motor characteristics.
(Therefore, inscription of the rotor shaft is not a conventional rotor diameter, it will show a rotary torque-type "LV value" notation.)
Compromising the balance of such weight and moment of a standard motor which is setting an optimum value It is possible to change to "rotation type" or "torque type" without it.
Sharp design that gives high quality and high fighting power with a simple line configuration

It adopts its own porous structure and a cooling hole cut in boldly in the case of aluminum scraping out, realizing high efficiency and cooling performance.
Customizable body color

Optionally developed a transformer (TF) jacket dedicated to AGILE that can freely customize the color of the upper and bottom cases and end bells. (※ 1)
you can produce the originality tailored to the taste of the mounting chassis and driver.
Aluminum machined original new [Tri-Blade] loaded

Larger and lighter rotor blades that generate airflow inside the motor.
It achieved both higher cooling capacity and rotational performance.
Adoption of large diameter bearings

The large bearing type (outer diameter 12.700 mm / inner diameter 4.762 mm) is adopted as the front bearing, and the rotation stability and the durability are improved.
Dual sensor connector adoption

Adopting a dual sensor connector system with two sensor connectors mounted.
By arranging the connectors in different directions, we improved the flexibility of the layout.
Expanded range of advance adjustment by slip way system

Expansion angle adjustment range expanded to 55 °.
It realized further high speed.
Shorter motor case length

Motor case length reduced by 1.5 mm (compared to our company).
The degree of freedom of mounting on the vehicle has improved.
Terminal connector installed

The connector (OP - 87513) is already installed in the factory shipment state.
It eliminates the need for soldering work to the terminal part that causes the failure and reduces blow by heat conduction.
Hexagon type is adopted for all screws

We adopted a hexagonal type screw which is most frequently used in assembling RC cars.

※ 1 Option parts are scheduled to be released in the middle of January.

Actual product manual in Japan can be found here