Futaba Debuts 7PX-R [Japan Model Show]

by admin on Sep 28, 2019 Categories: FEATURED

Coming soon to the hobby shops a new version of the Futaba 7PXR remote control. This new high-end radio uses the T-FHSS Super Response transmission system (the fastest ever produced by Futaba). The 7PXR has been lightened and thanks to a new weight balance it is even more comfortable to hold.

Among the new features: position and angle of the steering wheel, larger HOME button, accelerator trigger design and an even richer and more accurate internal software.

The remote control uses a 4.3″ LCD backlit touch screen and offers all the features you could desire: telemetry, mixing, epa adjustment, sub-trim, brake mixing, ABS and compatibility with T-FHSS, S-FHSS, FASST and S.Bus servo programming options.

Let's compare the regular 7PX to the 7PXR