FIRST LOOK: Yokomo HI-TRACTION Racing Performer (INCH DOWN) Wheels! 6/25/18

by admin on Jun 25, 2018 Categories: FEATURED

Yokomo users around the world rejoice! New wheels from our favorite drift brand is here! Their newest "HI-TRACTION" series wheels have a slightly smaller FACE than their popular Racing Performer series. These new wheels are standard size, but feature a smaller face(like the popular Scale Dynamics). These will match up nicely with certain size bodies to achieve the best look! The black trim and smaller face is actually is more different than you would think. Looking in the packaging(above photo) it may not be obvious, but once mounted and on the car, it's a world of difference.
Lets start it off and check them out:

*The WHITE wheels are the Racing Performer 6 Spokes in 6mm that have been on the market for the last year or two.
The white wheel appears quite a bit bigger. On our body, it even appears like 18/19 inch wheels(white) versus 16/17 inch wheels (titanium).
Theres a definite appearance difference between the two! Let's get a little bit more technical and see what the subtle differences translate to on paper:

On the scales, they're quite a bit lighter!

Taking our handy Mitutoyo Calipers shows us some difference in actual face size(the rim is the same, but the face/appearance is different).
Now let's check out the wheel itself:

We can't wait to do some testing on the track! We want to see what traction differences there will be! Can't wait! As of right now, these wheels ONLY come in 6mm offset and 3 color choices. Let's see if Yokomo will release more colors and offsets. We're hoping to see some 8mm and perhaps an ALL BLACK or even SILVER Face? Who knows!
You can grab a set today by visiting the link below!