FIRST LOOK: Addiction Presents SPIRIT REI 180SX!

by admin on Dec 07, 2023 Categories: FEATURED
Addiction Designs is always one step ahead! They have released an amazing detailed SPIRIT REI 180SX!

This body appears to be 197mm in front and 200mm in back. Getting some good wheel fitment will not be an issue.

As usual, light buckets, pop up housings, splitter, 3d decals are all included. It actually includes 2 types of taillights. 180sx and the RPS13 style(Dual round).
As usual, 3D Decals are included, features textured lenses and chrome 3d emblems!  as wel
Front pop up housings are included, so you can truly customize this body as your own. Leaving the headlights down OR having the retro pop ups is up to you.

The body comes with fenders already molded on, so you can achieve the detailed luck without a lot of effort!

This body has a lot of character and details! We just got these bodies from Japan! You can grab yourself one today by click the link below: