ABC Kouki RX-7 (Spirit-R) Body Set 1/10 Announced

by admin on Oct 28, 2016 Categories: FEATURED
ABC Hobby Japan Released MINOR Change (KOUKI) FD3S RX-7
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We will be carrying this body soon! We cannot wait to see the ABC Quality!
<Body data>
total length ... 465mm / full width ... 196mm / Wheelbase 260Mm ...
<product content>
Mazda · RX-7 (FD3S late type) body body · HD decal masking film dedicated illuminations light cover
※ body of the photograph is the one that has been painted for the package. The actual product will be clear body of unpainted.
※ This product, traveling for chassis, tires, wheels, side mirrors, the illumination LED light, etc. not included.

全長…465mm / 全幅…196mm / ホイルベース…260mm
※写真のボディはパッケージ用に塗装されたものです。 実際の製品は未塗装のクリアボディとなります。

01スーパーボディ : マツダ・RX-7(FD3S後期型) 品番 66159 価格 7,800円(税別)