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Memorial Weekend BBQ 2017

by admin on May 30, 2017 Categories: EVENTS
This Memorial Day Weekend turned out to be one to remember! Here at Super-G R/C Drift Arena, The RawFew combined forces with Limited Traction and Randy Beard from Rare Arts USA, to bring you a BBQ / Mini Comp / 3 Car Team Tandem Battle. Whenever we have visitors from out of town, it seems to bring the best out of the SoCal community. This weekend was no exception, even though it was. Usually the community comes out in force to show our visitors some SoCal hospitality, but on top of that, the driving had to have been some of the best I have witnessed in a long while. Even the beginners were finding their groove and really putting down some great laps! The Tandem action throughout the day was top-notch! Our Fam - Limited Traction always just jump on the track (even with a new layout) and start puttin' it down like it was their own track. Even though they are over 300 miles north of us, their style matches ours as if we all practiced together every weekend.  Just imagine if we did. Instead of just having a session, Limited Traction suggested we have a 3 Car Team Tandem Battle. This is something we will be collaborating with them on and will develop some guidelines. We already have a strong start, so keep an eye out for that. Randy suggested a Mini Comp, and somehow he ended up running the whole show.  It was awesome to have him out again! He ran the first few comps I had ever witnessed and I have to say, he does a lot that I feel really adds to the experience. Rare Arts USA and Super-G donated some prizes for the winners. The mini comp was judged by the spectators and although the competition was all in good fun, it didn't stop everyone from really putting in some serious tandems. Your winners - 1st Place - Shilun Gu, 2nd Place - Jon Mundo, and 3rd Place - Mikko Yang. We also had a Best Body Contest judged by the spectators. Your winners - 1st Place - John Brasko, 2nd Place - Ben Dizzle, and 3rd Place - Rynne Degala. These guys put in the extra work to put their bodies over the top. Note to self - Step it up. The winners for the 3 Car Team Tandem was none other than Limited Traction from NorCal! Chosen by the spectators, Rynne Degala, Albert Mantote, and Brian Lemi!!! (I'm sorry I didn't get a pic guys. I was too worried about finding the placards, and completely forgot) Shown above, Joe and I have had this idea for over a year now and we just never got around to doing it. So since this event was coming up, we decided to make it a reality. At the very least, we wanted a working model. This is our first draft of our new Starting Gate. We have always hated counting down to start each run. Not only are we not very consistent, but it always feels so "ready set go-ish". It is set up with a wireless remote trigger to start the countdown and an audible tone to start each run. It also has a practice mode so when people are practicing the line, it will count down every 8 seconds with a short audible tone to start each practice run. We are very pleased with the first draft, but there is more to come. (not sure why the lights look crooked, they are straight. Ha!) Of course there was food! We did some Pollo Asado and Carne Asada tacos along with some Hot Dogs. We wished we would have got more, but going off of the RSVP list, it looked like it was going to be a small turnout. We might have to do something like food vouchers for the next round. There were a few people missing from this pic, not sure where they were hiding. This was an awesome group! I can't wait for the next one. Special thanks to Team Nanashi, Limited Traction, Team WallRide, SpeedJunkies, Swift Suns, Team Yokomo, and the Burrito Senseis for making an appearance. [gallery ids="6847,6848,6849,6850,6851,6852,6853,6854,6855,6856,6857,6858"] Overall this was an event to remember! Super-G and The RawFew would like to thank everyone who came out to support this event. A very special thanks goes to out our NorCal Fam and Randy Beard from Rare Arts USA for making this event that much better. Make sure to be on the look out for the next event! If we have it our way, it's going to be sooner than later.