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7/20/18 - Noodles and Tacos with Sonecchi!

by admin on Jul 22, 2018 Categories: EVENTS
Noodles and Tacos Event!

Friday, July 20, 2018.
Since this weekend was the last chance Takayuki Sone would be able to visit us before going back to Japan, he wanted to have a gathering and hang out with some good food. He said he wanted to share one of his favorite Japanese summer dishes with the guys, so of course we were all for it!

Although he's traveling, he showed up prepared to get busy with the cooking. Somen was on the menu for the night. For those who are not familiar with somen, it's a Japanese noodle dish which is eaten cold. It really is delicious and refreshing on a hot night like it was Friday.

Sonecchi was saying he wanted to share some of his culture with the Super-G guys.

He was surprised everyone was able to use chopsticks so well. I think he expected to see some of the group struggle, so we were prepared with forks, but we are in Los Angeles, so we are exposed to all sorts of different cultures. Chopsticks aren't all that foreign to the locals.

Speaking of locals, back by popular demand, some chicken Super-Tacos!

As the night progressed, it became increasingly more crowded. We ended up running out of pit space. Joe and I became a little overwhelmed, so unfortunately there is a little lapse in our coverage.

Good, clean tandems seemed to be the theme of the night! There was a lot of clean runs going on the entire time!
The main thing was everyone having a good time, some good food, and some good drifts. It was definitely a fun event! We can't wait for the next visit!
Thanks for sharing some really good food with us Takayuki Sone! Safe travels!