There are a few tools on the market that allow a driver to tune their RWD drift chassis. As far as tools, I feel they’re a large part of what makes the hobby fun. Whether its collecting and/or using them. Who doesn’t like a good tool? I employ a variety of tools like a good set of drivers, digital caliper, turnbuckle tool, tuning rack and/ or an electric screwdriver. I am in no way a tuning savant but have found that I like a tuning rack to help me tune my chassis along with a good digital caliper. I’ve used an Integy Tuning Rack marketed for 1/10 touring cars and drift cars for a while now.

I find it easy to use and it also fits in a small case which is convenient for bringing to the track over something like a large cutting mat. I’ve never had an issue with it but decided I would like to try out Arrowmax’s latest rack marketed for touring cars, The Arrowmax 4D Setup System. 

The difference between the Arrowmax and Integy Racks were the Arrowmax now measures toe in/out from the base of the rack simultaneously. 

The towers also use a pivot ball style that rest in the base. 

You no longer measure toe in or out using a sliding top piece one side at a time. Camber was measured much like my previous rack. 

It’s definitely a higher quality tool over my last rack. It allows for toe in/out adjustments, camber adjustments, as well as hex to hex track width adjustments.

 What intrigued me was the toe adjustment from the base eliminating the one side at a time slide bar method with the Arrowmax allowing me to measure both sides accurately at the same time.

My advice would be to find a tuning method you enjoy and become proficient at it. I would definitely recommend this setup rack over the slide bar setup rack.  Hope to see everyone track side!!!

Zach The Slidin’ Hawaiian
Behind the Slide