A lot of people have been wondering what the differences really are if any? If one’s sold out, would getting the other one be a mistake? Are you missing out on some features one has over the other?

There are 3 Versions of the BL-PRO4 ESC:
BL-PRO4N (non soldered version)
BL-PRO4 (soldered with orange, blue, yellow wires) *Tamiya Plug
BL-PRO4D (soldered with orange, blue, yellow wires) *Tamiya Plug

We are here to figure it out and put an end to the question once and for all. Let’s dive right into it:

The part numbers are super similar as well as the msrp. The boxes appear to be exactly the same, except for the Drift Decal.

The BL-PRO4N does not come soldered, so this is a great option for anyone who wants to do their own wires. It might be a deal breaker for those who struggle with soldering. You can order a regular BL-PRO4 soldered the same way.

We grabbed a set of calipers and realized the housings are exactly the same dimensions.

Taking a look underneath shows that they are exactly the same!

Drift Spec Graphics or Simple? That is the question.

They both come with the same cooling fan, hardware and the Yokomo Fan Shroud(matches your Yokomo Chassis).

Now, lets plug these bad boys in and see if the inner workings are different: