BL – RPX 2 D Racing Performer RPX – Ⅱ DRIFT SPEC 

■By using only premium grade matched FET’s with super low internal resistance that helps suppress heat generation, we acquired the strongest power handling so far. Giving the greatest feel and stability in the history of drift specific ESC’s

■ Team Yokomo found the best set up based on test results from various types of track layouts and surfaces. Once installed on your chassis you can use this as a base setting.

■ Carefully selected ESC output modulation on initial throttle inputs  to enhance traction, providing an unique control advantage on low grip surfaces.

Case size: 32.9 x 34.6 x 19.6 mm

Weight: 44 g

BEC: 6 A / 6 V, 7.4 V

By adopting special grade top grade FET and low resistance power supply, it suppresses heat generation and achieves the strongest power feeling and stability in the history of drift ESC. Team Yokomo has conducted preliminary tests on courses around the world and has pre-installed drift-only programs decided! You can enjoy drifting with the best feeling as soon as you install it on the machine. Especially for the output setting of ESC which emphasizes traction, please enjoy the unique control performance that linearly links the rise of power and grip feeling!


In addition to using smartphones etc. on Wi-Fi module BL-WM (¥ 4,700), which is on sale at the same time, change of setting of ESC will be released simultaneously with RPX-ⅡD, programmer for exclusive programmer RPX-Ⅱ (¥ 2,700) But you can set it.


BL-RPX2D Racing Performer RPX-Ⅱ DRIFT SPEC ¥22,800 (税別)

スペシャルグレードの最高級FETと低抵抗電源の採用で、発熱を抑え、ドリフトESC史上最強のパワー感と安定性を実現。 チームヨコモが世界中のコースで綿密なテストを行い決定した、ドリフト専用のプログラムをプリインストール済み! マシンに取り付けてすぐに最高のフィーリングでドリフト走行をお楽しみいただけます。 特にトラクションを重視したESCの出力設定で、パワーの立ち上がりと、グリップ感がリニアにリンクする唯一無二のコントロール性能をぜひお楽しみください‼



BEC:6A / 6V,7.4V

ESCの設定変更は、好評発売中のWi-Fiモジュール BL-WM (¥4,700)でスマホ等を使用する他、RPX-ⅡDと同時発売となります、専用のプログラマー RPX-Ⅱ用プログラマー(¥2,700)でも設定が可能となります。